Shriram Sahana – A musical note on Luxury

Shriram Sahana apartments at Yelahanka is one of the premier luxury apartments by Shriram Properties, it was a bit difficult to track down the right person to talk about this property but our persistence got us there. We reviewed this apartment because of interest from 5 potential clients and we must say we got some good insights to share.

The apartment complex consists of two types of apartments, 2BHK + study and 3BHK flats, built over an area of 7acres it has a total of 7blocks and 364 apartments. They have amenities like a club house, swimming pool etc . Each floor had 4 apts with none of them facing each other. They have about 0.5acres alloted to children playing area. The apartments are scheduled to complete its first phase by April 2011 and will be ready to occupy by Sept 2011. You can have a look at the floor plans here . They have a model flat but no photos or videos to show for.  They also claim to get 30-40% of their bookings from previous customers itself .

What REKhoj thinks?

Shriram Sahana is a trademark Shriram properties building, a lot of apartments and a community feel. This is located near Yelahanka which is touted as the next Indiranagar, it has a good reach of amenities like hospitals, schools and Metro station (proposed). There is also BMS engineering college close by which is a plus if your child is going to engineering soon. There is an SEZ (special economic zone) proposed there,which seems to be a huge bonus if things work out.  Given all these factors this property looks like a good place from an investment perspective. I am not too happy about the apartment because there doesnt seem to be too much of free space within the apartment as I am someone who likes some open spaces in the apartment. The 3BHK has large bedrooms and balconies . Also given the projects coming up in the same area and the increasing prices of real estate as the market is picking up it may be a good idea to explore Sahana as an option if you are looking for something in the Yelahanka region.

From an amenities perspective they are giving the standard offering that most luxury apartments.  Their prices are competitive and looking at the prices of the Shobha, Prestige and NCC urban projects the prices seem pretty good as this launch.

We had some questions from prospective clients which are below with the answers:

1) Information about rainwater harvesting system in the apartment complex?

They have plans of installing a rainwater system but haven’t decided which one it would be. The other sources of water are Kaveri and Bore well.

2) Quality of construction (there are many instances of ppl complaining about the quality of shriram esp bathrooms). ?

They clearly denied any such issues from previous customers and assured that they have a very prompt customer care department. With 14 projects already done its seems to be a good case of returning customers. I also spoke to some previous customers in Shriram Samruddhi and they are vocal about their satisfaction with their apartments . Having said that its upto the customer to do their proper research before they make the decision.

3) What is the carpet area % ?

They claim to have it btw 75-80% , I would be careful with that statistics because the person I spoke to was not sure what the % was and just gave the range.

To end this review, Shriram Sahana looks like a great investment right now because of the costs at the initial stages,  if you want to wait for some more time  before taking a decision there are many more projects that are coming up in that area.

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27 thoughts on “Shriram Sahana – A musical note on Luxury

  1. A detailed and informative review.

    Just one doubt, do you know the exact location of the Metro station (proposed), as mentioned in your review?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mac,

      Sorry for the delay in the reply, we have been shifting offices so been busy with that. The exact location is tough to say because its very early in the process. I would first wait for the phase one of the metro to complete, the yehalanka metro will mostly be on the second phase.


  2. Hi, I have been reading quite a lot of property reviews. Thanks for that. Can you please post review for Janhavi Shelters project which is coming up at Yellenahalli village, Begur south bangalore. Thanks

    • Sunil,

      Thanks for the comment, how did you find our reviews ? any suggestions ?

      I would be more than happy to write a review on the Janhavi Shelters project – can you send me a few questions that you would like me to ask them in particular ?

      • Hi,

        I have booked the flat at Janhavi Shelters,
        Kindly let me know some details.
        1) Quality ?
        2) Price ? -2340/sqft quoted.
        3) Water problem in that location?
        4) Deliver time?
        5) Carpet area?

  3. Hi,

    I am looking out to purchase a small apartment within 20 – 25 lk range in south bangalore. Could u suggest me a good builder?

    • Senthil,

      Can you be more specific ? If you can drill down your requirements to say 4-5 apt complexes then we can give you suggestions on what property is the best fit for you. It maybe very difficult to give you that kind of information without a thorough understanding of what you need.

  4. Hi,

    Well, I just happened to go and have a look at Mahaveer Ridge. Could you provide more insight into this project. The price quoted by them is sort of affordable, but then, i happened to come across loads of bad review for these people.

    I am looking for a 2BHK within 20 – 25 Lk, something which is near to silk board. I work in Kormangala, industrial layout.

    Kindly, help me out.

    • Senthil,

      I have heard some not so good things about Mahaveer myself . Having said that 70% of the builders in Bangalore are untrustworthy when it comes to quality and being responsive to customer complaints. I would suggest that you keep looking in that area and find a medium sized builder who makes smaller apartment complexes. These guys usually are good in terms of quality. I cant think of anyone at the back of my head in the region of your interest but if you can give me more specifics on which builders you are looking at I can give you a clear insight.


  5. Hi Saahil, i read your review on Shriram Sahana. I have seen the location and the plan myself. While i am impressed, i have also seen lots of complaints about shriram properties in which have made me apprehensive.
    Are you sure that these builders can be trusted? i am looking at 3 BHK and my budget is 55lacs.

    • Preeti,

      I will be honest, no builder in the world can be trusted. Most of them have substandard construction and usually dont do good followup with maintenance. The real best bet is to look out for smaller developers. Having said Shriram builders are not bad and I would say in the better of the lot. Dont believe those complaints you see as most of them are fake ( posted by other developers ).

      If you can give me a list of builders/apartments I can give you a good estimate of which is ideal for you.

      • Thanks Saahil for such a quick response. We dont have any particular builder in mind, we have seen only Shriram Sahana and we liked it. Our budget is 60 lacs and below is our requirement.
        3 BHK appartment
        1700 – 1800 sq ft
        peaceful and green / not cluttered.

        Can u suggest few builders in that belt?

  6. Thanks Saahil for such a quick response. We dont have any particular builder in mind, we have seen only Shriram Sahana and we liked it. Our budget is 60 lacs and below is our requirement.
    3 BHK appartment
    1700 – 1800 sq ft
    peaceful and green / not cluttered.

    Can u suggest few builders in that belt?

    • Preeti – Its very difficult to tell you what suits you best. I would encourage you to go around and look at atleast a couple more properties and make a comprehensive list of the properties you like and then I can give you a good estimate or suggestions.

  7. I have visited the Shriram Sahana and liked it very much when compared with other projects (interms of facilities, cost and construction quality of this builder). But my only confusion to move forward in this project is it has railway track very adjacent to this project. Would it be a problem/disturbance for the families in this project. I am trying to justify myself that it will not be a problem. But not sure until we experience it. Please post your thoughts on this.

    • It would definitely be a disturbance. The key is to weigh the pro’s and cons because I believe there is not much of road traffic around that area. With most apartment complexes you will be faced with this dilemma of noise. The best thing to do is to ask some of the other residents there, I think they have their first phase built out.

  8. Hi, I have visited this project and am pretty impressed by the complete package. Can any one throw some light on the below:-
    1. Any upcoming SEZ’s / IT Parks in the vicinity of this project
    2. I was told that RMZ is building a mall in this area.. Is it finalized, if yet when is it likely to be ready??
    3. What is the estimated rental value at this location for a 2+study house considering the aminities Sahaana offers??

  9. Dear Sahil,
    I am a senior citizen living with my wife in Shalini apartments in Banashankari. I am looking for 2 BHK apartment + car park, with a walking track with in the complex and a reasonably good green area to spend some time out of four wall. I am spending all my free hours to find a suitable flat for us any where around Yalhanka closer to Air port road. My budget is ( basic price) 25 to 30 lakhs. I have short listed Sriram Sahana (too close to the railway track) , Ramki One North, H.M.North city and one in Heritage estates (In yalhanka area). Poorva sunshine – Martha halli, Tirumala Blosom-Banneraghatta road, Silver wood enclave-Kodigehalli and so on. Please give your expert opinion.
    I will be watching this site for your advise.

  10. Hi ,
    Thanks for the views posted by you on Shriram Suhana, We are in process of purchasing Shriram Suhana..project adajacent to sahana, I would like to know if someone has views on this project in this forum so that It helps me to take decision.anyone has information regaing the pheripheral ring road comingup in this area in future.also we are looking for projects in north bangalore only/Plots worth 6lakhs.

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